Speakers from Previous Meetings

The views of the speakers are not necessarily those of the Society

Speakers are not asked to provide formal transcripts of their speeches but on occasion the Society is offered transcripts to make available via the website.

    2023 Speakers

    Janet Anderson – Does the reversal of Roe v Wade threaten reproductive rights in Aotearoa? Professor Ashley Bloomfield – Lessons for life and leadership from COVID-19 Rob Campbell – What should we be doing now to address the emergency in health services? A view from government, board, management, clinician, and patient perspective Sir Peter Gluckman  – Why is youth mental…

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    2020 Speakers

    Sadly, due to COVID-19 a number of our meetings were cancelled during 2020. We held the AGM on papers and the President’s speech was deferred until 2021. Details of the events and speakers held in 2020 follow.

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    2010 Speeches

    “Terrorism and Torture: when should principle yield to expediency?” Ian Gault“Reproductive medicine – Where to, where from; what issues?” Dr Richard Fisher“Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ECART)” Kate Davenport“Medical Officers of Health: Kakapos who are above the law” Dr Alistair Humphrey 

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    2006 Speeches

    “Womens Contribution to Law Reform in New Zealand” Judith Potter“Doping in Sport” Barry Paterson QC“No Greener Grass” Marie Bismark (additional reference)“The Epidemic of Obesity” Paul Drury 

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    2005 Speeches

    “Unusually Persistent Complainants” Paul Mullen“Barriers to Justice – The Escalating Obstacles in the Fight against the State, the Insurers and Other Demons” Tom Percy

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    2004 Speeches

    “Die another day” Mark Sandelin“The Effects of “P” on Crime” Christine Gordon“Methamphetamine abuse: Psychosis Violence and Intent” Rees T Tapsell 

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    2003 Speeches

    “The legality of advanced directives” John Chal“The missing snake” Alan F Merry“Trust me, I‘m a doctor” Fiona Tito“Sleep, body clocks and the 24 hour society” Kennneth F Whyte“The bits and bobs committee” Deborah A Hollings“The Greenlane Heart Registry” Warren M Smith“Bearing privacy in public” Bruce Slane 

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