• 2012 Speeches

    “Debate: We should all be home by 5.30 p.m.““A call to Arms?” powerpoint Antonia Fisher

  • 2011 Speeches

    “The Medical Tower Tumbled – Legally Aided?” Tony Baird“Unfortunate Experiment or Medical Uncertainties?” Lynda Bryder 

  • 2010 Speeches

    “Terrorism and Torture: when should principle yield to expediency?” Ian Gault“Reproductive medicine – Where to, where from; what issues?” Dr Richard Fisher“Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ECART)” Kate Davenport“Medical…

  • 2009 Speeches

    “Trauma Injury is no Accident” Dr Ian Civil“Observations on Death” Dr David Galler 

  • 2008 Speeches

    “Why Birthdays are Good for you – A celebration of Ageing” Dr David Spriggs“Expert Witnesses” Justice Winkelmann 

  • 2007 Speeches

    “Midwifery manslaughter – a view from the expert witnesses” Dr David Knight“A visitor from abroad” Margaret Wilsher 

  • 2006 Speeches

    “Womens Contribution to Law Reform in New Zealand” Judith Potter“Doping in Sport” Barry Paterson QC“No Greener Grass” Marie Bismark (additional reference)“The Epidemic of Obesity” Paul Drury 

  • 2005 Speeches

    “Unusually Persistent Complainants” Paul Mullen“Barriers to Justice – The Escalating Obstacles in the Fight against the State, the Insurers and Other Demons” Tom Percy

  • 2004 Speeches

    “Die another day” Mark Sandelin“The Effects of “P” on Crime” Christine Gordon“Methamphetamine abuse: Psychosis Violence and Intent” Rees T Tapsell 

  • 2003 Speeches

    “The legality of advanced directives” John Chal“The missing snake” Alan F Merry“Trust me, I‘m a doctor” Fiona Tito“Sleep, body clocks and the 24 hour society” Kennneth F Whyte“The bits and…