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Speeches from Previous Meetings

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"Ground Zero Rwanda?" Judge Jonathan Moses

"Bottoms Up: Gut microbiome treatment of obesity" Wayne Cutfield

"My experience with disruptive technologies in the health system: Guns, robots, health systems, disruptive technologies and the changing face of head and neck cancer" Francis Hall

" the Possibility" Minnie Baragwanath

"Doping in Sport ... How to Cheat, from Armstrong to Russia" David Howman

"And what happened next? Memorable moments from medicine to politics and human rights." Jackie Blue


"Can a gorilla be an orthopaedic surgeon?" Mr Simon Chinchanwala

"A new way of looking at cancer" Dr Swee Tan

"Assisted Reproduction: How, Where and Who – and what does law have to do with making babies?" Margaret Casey QC

"Blood, Sweat and the Law" Dr David Galler and Judge Ema Aitken

"Boomfah – Given their passive approach to concussion, are the medical professionals and rugby authorities more brain dead than the players?" Mr Mark Reason

"The Murder of Blessilda Gotingco" Kieran Raftery QC


"The crime, the evidence and the law: when to prosecute and what to charge" Christine Gordon QC

"Lessons from Lundy" Ross Burns and Julie-Ann Kincade

"Triple jeopardy for child health - what can the laws do?" Professor Innes Asher

"Fitness to stand trial: the Cambodian experience" Dame Silvia Cartwright

"Oh Sh**! They're bombing the hospital! Is this a new paradigm for war?" Dr Kathleen Thomas

"14 Years – Time for Parole" Judge Paul Geoghegan


"Donating body parts while still alive" Dr Hilary Blacklock

"Impressions of a new judge" Justice Simon Moore

"Forensic DNA- reliable and incontestable?" Dr Arie Geursen

"Gentleman art thieves and their art: Enduring myths and persistent legends" District Court Judge Arthur Tompkins

""End of life decision making - issues raised by the Lecretia Seales case" Janet Anderson-Bidois

"Complementary and alternative medicine on trial" Dr Paul Restall



"Life lessons learned from years of Bondage and Discipline" Kate Devonport, QC

"Forensic Psychiatry and Parole - Mad, Bad or Both?" A/Prof Philip Brindid

"The Science of Happiness – Stress, Unhappiness and How to be Happy" Dr Antonio (Tony) Fernando

"Honeymoon Diving Death" Dr Simon Mitchell

"Sex, sports and parking: how to create great universities" Prof Stuart McCutcheon

"Rowing, Brother Number One and the Khmer Rouge" Rob Hamill



"Them and us: microbes and their human host." Rod Ellis-Pegler



"Debate: We should all be home by 5.30 p.m."

"A call to Arms?powerpoint Antonia Fisher



"The Medical Tower Tumbled - Legally Aided?" Tony Baird

"Unfortunate Experiment or Medical Uncertainties?" Lynda Bryder



"Terrorism and Torture: when should principle yield to expediency?" Ian Gault

"Reproductive medicine - Where to, where from; what issues?" Dr Richard Fisher

"Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ECART)" Kate Davenport

"Medical Officers of Health: Kakapos who are above the law" Dr Alistair Humphrey



"Trauma Injury is no Accident" Dr Ian Civil

"Observations on Death" Dr David Galler



"Why Birthdays are Good for you - A celebration of Ageing" Dr David Spriggs

"Expert Witnesses" Justice Winkelmann



"Midwifery manslaughter – a view from the expert witnesses" Dr David Knight

"A visitor from abroad" Margaret Wilsher



"Womens Contribution to Law Reform in New Zealand" Judith Potter

"Doping in Sport" Barry Paterson QC

"No Greener Grass" Marie Bismark (additional reference)

"The Epidemic of Obesity" Paul Drury



"Unusually Persistent Complainants" Paul Mullen

"Barriers to Justice - The Escalating Obstacles
in the Fight against the State, the Insurers and Other Demons"
Tom Percy



“Die another day” Mark Sandelin

“The Effects of “P” on Crime” Christine Gordon

“Methamphetamine abuse: Psychosis Violence and Intent” Rees T Tapsell



"The legality of advanced directives" John Chal

“The missing snake” Alan F Merry

“Trust me, I‘m a doctor” Fiona Tito

“Sleep, body clocks and the 24 hour society” Kennneth F Whyte

“The bits and bobs committee” Deborah A Hollings

“The Greenlane Heart Registry” Warren M Smith

“Bearing privacy in public” Bruce Slane



“The demise of professionalism?” Wendy N Brandon

“Reflections on changes in medical practice, 1963 to 2002” Thomas H Marshall